A new video CarWow popped up today with a bombastic headline: “New BMW M7 – It’ll blow your mind”. Of course, the video attracted a record number of viewers in no time, especially since the BMW M7 topic has been heavily debated over the years. But unfortunately, or fortunately, our own sources say that an M7 based on the new 7 Series generation is not in works. Naturally, the CarWow folks are looking for the proper Youtube headline, and we’ve seen that with the BMW X8M as well. So from that perspective, the video hit home with the BMW community.

BMW is now in a transition period, from the existing CLAR modular architecture to the electric-first Neue Klasse (NK) which arrives in 2025. So what does it mean? A mixture of drivetrains will be part of the next generation 7 and also 5 Series. Both cars are due out within the next two years. Let’s focus on the G70 7 Series for now. The G70 7 Series will launch with a combination of petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid and fully electric drivetrains.

Over its lifecycle, we will see models like the 735i, 740i, 750i, 735d, 745e, M750e and of course, the i7 family. This is where things get more interesting for the new luxury limousine. Same rumor mill churns out that there will be at least three electric 7 Series variants. The entry-level could be labeled as the BMW i7 eDrive40, followed by an i7 xDrive50 and i7 M60. The model range and naming convention is hardly a surprise. By now, BMW has introduced to the world the new monikers, thanks to the i4 and iX electric cars and crossovers.

The i7 models will likely have specs ranging from 480 HP to over 600 HP on the most powerful iteration of the 7 Series that will be available, the i7 M60. This will be a dual-motor setup, with all-wheel drive, and a huge, 105 kWh battery in the floor. The BMW i7 M60 is also likely to play the role of the flagship 7 Series car, so expect a series of design features specific to that model. The “M” in front of the name also hints at an M-tuned design and technology.

Rendering provided by Motor.es

So while the BMW M7 might sound cool on paper, there is very little need for a car of that stature in the segment. Sure, BMW could thrown in the V8 plug-in hybrid from the XM with its 750 horsepower, and that will make the M7 one of the most powerful limousines in the world. But the 7 Series segment has been shrinking for years and the business case for a full M 7 Series just doesn’t make sense today.

Instead, BMW will focus mostly on the i7 lineup which is, arguably, the future of the high-end luxury sedans. Competitors, like the Mercedes EQS, are already plowing ahead in the segment and others will follow in the near future. We love CarWow and their videos, but this one is a miss…

[Rendering: Motor.es]