BMW Motorsport originally teased the next-generation M4 GT4 back in November by publishing a design sketch of the new customer race car. A more substantial preview of the track-only machine has now been released after the G82-based model completed its first test on a circuit. There are still a lot of evaluations that have to be done ahead of the vehicle’s official racing debut scheduled for the 2023 season.

Much like big-brother M4 GT3, the new GT4-spec race car is based on the road-going M4 Coupe and modified to comply with the necessary motorsport regulations. It gets an FIA-approved chassis and safety cage sourced from the factory in Dingolfing, Germany where the street-legal performance coupe is being built.

Tailored to private BMW M Motorsport teams, the race car aims to deliver lower operational costs than its predecessor. It will also be easier to maintain by utilizing the same engine, transmission, and electronics as the M4 you will find at your local BMW dealer. Needless to say, some tweaks are in order to make the GT4 version ready for races, including an adaptation of the configurable traction control system.

Even though it will be substantially more affordable than the GT3, it’s going to borrow the carbon fiber roof and rear wing concept from BMW Motorsport’s other M4 Coupe-based track toy. It’s being developed with sustainability in mind by replacing some of the plastic and carbon components with natural fibers.

Engineers are paying special attention to cooling as BMW’s racing division claims it’s “always a major challenge in the GT4 class.” A second test car will be ready by early 2022 and the development team mentions progress has already been made compared to the F82-based M4 GT4. Specifically, the seats are more comfortable and the controls are easier to manage. In addition, the G82 generation is bringing extra functions the old car doesn’t have.

Pricing details have not been disclosed, but we are keeping our fingers crossed the new race car will be a tad cheaper than its predecessor considering the new M4 GT3 costs €4,000 less than before. As a refresher, the previous M4 GT4 was revealed in May 2017 with a starting price of €169,000 (before VAT).

[Source: BMW]