Along with the upcoming BMW M4 GT3 G82 racing car, the BMW Motorsport division is also working on a new generation of customer racing cars. The BMW M4 GT4 G82 will replace the current and very successful F82 M4 GT4, and will be introduced sometimes in 2022. And as always, the marketing folks in Munich have a teaser for us. The rendering put together by the BMW M Design team shows a rear three-quarter view of the sport M4 GT4.

Of course, the first thing that stands out is the wide wheel arches, along with a strong shoulder line and naturally, the massive and much needed racing wing. The side view also reveals a small part of the front splitter along with additional aero flaps on the side. Since the BMW M4 GT4 racing cars aim to stay as close as possible in design to the road legal versions, we don’t expect any major design changes.

In terms of engine power, the BMW M4 GT4 will be somewhat less powerful than the series. The standard BMW M4 Competition delivers 510 hp, but often the GT4 version are detuned in order to comply with the diverse regulations and classes of different championships around the world. In the case of the predecessor F82 M4 GT4, the limiting factor was never the performance of the engine under the hood, but always the regulations. Now it remains to be seen whether the new S58 engine will push past the the 500 horsepower mark on the racetrack.

There is no price information on the new BMW M4 GT4 G82, but the previous generation started at around 170,000 euros in Europe or $210,000 in the United States. Compared to the full-blown BMW M4 GT3 racing machine (415,000 euros), the customer racing car will be a bargain in comparison. In addition to the two M4 variants, BMW Motorsport is currently also developing an LMDh racing car for a comeback in Daytona and Le Mans. In the mean time, you can read our own track review of the BMW M4 GT4 (F82).

[Image: BMW Motorsport] [Source: BimmerToday]