This past Friday, luxury collectors from around the world gathered once again in Monterey for the world famous Monterey Car Week, an event that had to be postponed last year due to obvious reasons. Rolls-Royce couldn’t miss out on this event and decided to create two unique bespoke cars for this occasion alone.

The two models chosen to be showcased in special combinations were the newly launched Ghost alongside the popular Cullinan Black Badge. The former was done in a bold color, one that would definitely attract a lot of curious looks. Dubbed Bespoke Friskee Pink, this is the first time this color was used on the Ghost in the new ‘Post Opulence’ era it is bringing forward. The pink exterior is complimented by a Navy Blue and Arctic White leather interior with Shieda highlights, a new hue offered by Rolls-Royce for its leather upholstery bits.

“Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is delighted to return to ‘The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering’, for Monterey Car Week 2021. This year, we will present two very special Bespoke commissions; Ghost in Friskee Pink and Cullinan Black Badge in Iced Turchese. I look forward to meeting our esteemed clients and friends of the marque in person, once again, at this year’s gathering. Their passion for exquisite luxury experiences and magnificent creations is stronger than ever, as illustrated by these vibrant and spirited commissions,” Martin Fritsches, President of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Americas.

As for the Cullinan, the Black Badge model on display is wearing Iced Turchese on the outside, with signature Black Badge details everywhere, creating a powerful contrast. Inside the cabin, black dominates the atmosphere, while Turchese leather is used for details here and there.

A Bespoke Turchese lemniscate logo, often described as the ‘infinity’ symbol and the hallmark of Black Badge products, seamlessly blends with the Technical Carbon Veneer and remaining interior elements.