The Black Badge treatment used to be reserved for the sportiest models in the Rolls-Royce range. Lately though, the program has been expanded to other cars too, such as the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, which is the most recent member of the family. One very special Bespoke model has recently been delivered to a family in California. Mr. and Mrs. Sloss are known around the world for the amazing collection of cars they have. Mr Sloss was one of the brains behind Google and his affinity for rare and unique cars is very well known in the industry. Back in 2018, his unique Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge made headlines around the world. Now it’s time to take a look at his Cullinan.

For this particular job, Rolls-Royce used a special Bespoke color on the outside, dubbed Pikes Peak Blue which was created following Mr Sloss’ directions. The name is, of course, a throwback to the iconic hillclimb competition held in Colorado. The coachline was done in Forge Yellow for a striking contrast, as well as the brake calipers and wheel-center pinstripes, all of them carefully picked details to attract attention but not in an obscene way.

Other details also hint at the bespoke character of the car. For example, the Spirit of Ecstasy statuette on top of the Pantheon grille is made of carbon fiber while the door sills are done in black using a process called Physical Vapor Deposition. The threadplates bear the names of the owners, Benjamin on the driver’s side, and Christine on the passenger’s side.

The interior is also special, with navy-blue leather seats boasting accents in Forge Yellow, the same highlights appearing on the fascia, door pockets and the face of the dashboard clock. That last bit is also special, featuring a with Navy Blue Anodized brushed stainless steel bezel decorated with Forge Yellow accents.