When the BMW M3 Touring project was announced, the world went mad. This is one certified way to check if your customers are still interested in a car that has been in demand for decades now. BMW is seemingly working on a car that has the potential to become a cult classic, but we’re still pretty far off from seeing it. After a few months of having everyone’s attention, the M3 Touring fell into the background.

However, the engineers are still hard at work, trying to iron out the last kinks. To that end, we’ve seen the car out recently, doing some tests on the Nurburging. For some reason, it was under heavy camo, the entire body of the prototype being covered up, even though we already know what it’s going to look like. Basically, all you have to do to imagine it is take the front end from the current M3 and chip in the rear end from a 3 Series Touring.

Render by @magnus.concepts

We’re not expecting any surprises on the design end, even the prototype here confirming our expectations. Inside the cabin though we could get a few surprises. The G81 M3 Touring is set to enter production in November 2022. That means it will arrive around the same time as the facelifted 3 Series, which is bound to get the new infotainment screen setup that’s being made available with the launch of the i4 and iX this fall. Could we see the new M3 Touring using the new layout?

We’re not sure yet, as our sources are yet to confirm it. However, this particular prototype seems to have the same dashboard as any other 3 Series and M3 model on the streets today, pointing to a resounding ‘No’. What’s certain though is that the engine under the hood will be the same S58 mill as on the M3 and M4, the only choice you’re going to get will be with all-wheel drive and an automatic gearbox. U.S. customers are still being left out.

[Render: @magnus.concepts on Instagram]