It’s no surprise that American BMW enthusiasts are practically begging for the Bavarians to bring them the M3 wagon. Admittedly, as an American enthusiasts, it feels like a bit of a slap in the face that BMW has finally announced, after all these years, that it’s making an M3 wagon and yet we still can’t get one. American enthusiasts and media have been among those who’ve been begging for one, so we do feel slighted that we still won’t be getting it. Which is why a petition has actually been launched to bring the BMW M3 Touring here to the ‘States.

A man known as Kian A. has started this petition on to bring the M3 Touring to the ‘States. If we’re being completely honest, we don’t see this working. BMW’s executives aren’t exactly the most daring bunch and since an M3 Touring in the ‘States wouldn’t be a guaranteed runaway success, there’s likely no chance it ever comes here, despite the fact that there are many comments from petition signers that claim they’re ready to put a deposit down.

At the time of writing this, there are 2,037 people that have signed the petition. Of course, not all of those people would buy one but a good chunk of them probably would. Interestingly, there are some comments that confirm feelings we thought a lot of fans would have.

“I’m not a fan of the new grill. However, for a wagon I would trade my F80 immediately.” said one petition-signer. “I’m ready to upgrade my F31 wagon but BMW has let me down with no options. And the RS6 is sold out through next year.” said another.

The former proves that fans are more than willing to overlook the new grille for a wagon version of the M3, something we thought would happen. The latter of which also proves another one of our predictions; if BMW won’t bring the M3 Touring here, fans might jump ship. Audi is selling the RS6 Avant here and it’s already sold out, despite costing over $100,000 to start. So not only is it selling well now but it’s selling so well that Audi is likely to bring more and fans who want the M3 Touring but can’t have one could very likely become Audi customers. Hear that, BMW? Maybe now you’ll listen to us.

If we’re being honest, we knew BMW wouldn’t bring the M3 Touring here. It’s just BMW’s M.O. Plus, it’s going to be a limited-production, short run car, so BMW probably wants to limit the scope of its sales. We saw the fact that it wouldn’t come here from a mile away. Having said that, it’s still frustrating. BMW M is going to give us the X8, a massive, hulking SUV with no business wearing an M badge but it won’t give us an M3 Touring.

So while I don’t expect this petition to do a damn thing, or change a single mind in Bavaria, I do understand it and hope for the best.