While we’re currently seeing the first G80 M3 and M4 models being delivered and, now that we’ve even see the convertible M4 unveiled, we’re waiting on only one final body style: the G81 M3 Touring. After decades of waiting, and some dedicate fans decided to take things into their own hands to build several of M3 Touringss themselves, BMW M finally decided to build one and actually sell it.

BMW actually did make an E46 M3 Touring prototype many years ago, but it never actually went into production. Now though, things have changed but you need to know that there will be some limitations of the more practical M3 when it comes out. The biggest will be the lack of availability in the USA, where this car has been a constant demand from fans for the last 20 years at the very least.

Rendering: www.instagram.com/magnus.concepts

Another limitation that will surely ruffle some diehard fan feathers will be the lack of a manual gearbox choice. This hasn’t been confirmed yet but there’s a high probability that the M3 Touring will only be offered in Competition guise, which means it will be automatic-only and most likely only all-wheel drive. That shouldn’t really be an issue but there are some purists out there asking for a manual and they will be disappointed.

The car can be seen out testing in the video below in several instances and there’s an extra surprise in it too: the M3 CS. While we already know the specs the M3 Touring will come with, the M3 CS still remains a mystery. Will it get more than the 510 PS of the M3 Competition? How much lighter will it be? Will it be offered with a manual? Plenty of questions still need answering before it becomes reality. In the meantime, we can watch it drifting in the video below.

[Rendering: www.instagram.com/magnus.concepts]