The BMW iX is bound to become the technology flagship model in the range of the Bavarian car maker, when it will finally arrive on the driveways of future customers. That doesn’t refer solely to battery technology or driving aids, it also includes a new way of listening music, courtesy of the Bowers & Wilkins technology.

The most advanced and most expensive system on the BMW iX will truly be a masterpiece, if we’re to believe the video below. In it we get to see how the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System works and how it was designed, to deliver the best sound possible. To be more precise, you’ll be getting 30 speakers in total and a power of 1,615 watts. While the numbers tell a part of the story, that’s not all.

The way the speakers have been positioned is also very important. To make sure the sound quality is up to par with the expectations people have from a manufacturer like Bowers & Wilkins, innovations were needed. Therefore, there will be two speakers embedded in the roof, right in front of the driver and the passenger, one hidden in the dash, two more on the upper part of the doors, two hidden in the door panels and many, many more.

The seats will also feature speakers, meant to offer a 4D experience. Basically, the seat will vibrate (thanks to the five speakers embedded in each) to amplify the sensations while listening to music. Those five speakers are split, with two of them being located in the headrest, two in the seatback and one in the bottom part of the seat, with a large driver. That’s only part of the whole system. As the video below shows, more speakers and amplifiers are positioned throughout the car, for an enhanced experience. We can’t wait to test these systems out.