I know I’m in the minority, here, but I actually really like the BMW iX. I think it’s a good looking SUV that just so happens to have a less-than-perfect grille. Hey, there aren’t any perfect looking cars anyway, right? Except for the Lamborghini Miura and Jaguar F-Type… I digress. The BMW iX is a handsome thing and it looks even better in Phytonic Blue, one of BMW’s signature new colors.

Admittedly, the copper-colored “iX” livery is a bit silly but these are official BMW photos, so I get the marketing. Still, even with the corporate branding, the Phytonic Blue BMW iX looks sharp and will certainly stand out among the see of white, black, and grey X5s. Ironically, as silly as the corporate branding is, Phytonic Blue works really well with all of the iX’s copper accents. It’s also just nice to see the BMW iX wearing anything other than white, like every other press photos iX.

Inside, this BMW iX seems to have a two-tone black and dark blue interior, which is really nice. You don’t see enough blue interiors anymore, which is a shame. The iX’s cabin looks good in this color scheme, as I’ve sat inside of this exact interior and was extremely impressed. In my humble opinion, the iX has the best cabin of any BMW, potentially ever. It’s unique, features interesting geometry, is built to the highest quality, and just feels extremely expensive.

If you’re looking to order a BMW iX, get an interesting color, such as this Phytonic Blue. The iX looks different than the rest of BMW’s typical SUVs, so getting a great color will help it to further stand out. Why buy such an interesting car and then make it look as predictable as your neighbors gray diesel X5? A little spice makes life nicer.