Now that more and more G80 M3s and G82 M4s are making their way to customers’ driveways, we’re going to start seeing a lot more specialized and modified versions. This specific G82 BMW M4 Competition is a good example of how to specialize your car with only M Performance Parts and a splash of BMW Individual color.

This car started out life as a standard BMW M4 Competition but gained a few special additions from the factory. For starters, it was given a stunning shade of Fire Orange from the BMW Individual collection. For those that aren’t familiar with some of BMW’s more special edition cars, Fire Orange was one of the two color options available on the E92 BMW M3 Lime Rock Park Edition. The Fire Orange Lime Rock M3 was, and still is, a fan favorite, so seeing that color on a new M4 should put a smile on any BMW fan’s face.

After its paint job, this Fire Orange BMW M4 was given an upgrade from BMW’s M Performance Parts Catalog. That upgrade included a large fixed rear wing, new side skirts, a new lower front lip, a rear diffuser, and some canards on the front bumper. It also wears BMW’s Style 963M wheels with a Gunmetal, which always look killer. Thankfully, his customer didn’t get the odd quad-stacked exhaust option, which does have an odd look.

The color and all of the additions add a ton of aggression to the M4, which is actually a surprisingly subtle car, aside from the grille. All of that added aggression helps to balance out the car’s design with the massive new grille, giving it a more cohesive overall look.

If you don’t like the new M4’s new grille but want to buy one because of how good it is to drive, this car is a good example of how adding some extra sporty bits helps to even its look out. Plus, the gorgeous color and big wing might make you forget about the large kidney grille.

[Photos: for BMW Germany]