At first, this seems like a silly question. However, in an automotive world in which badges like M and AMG seem to be more marketing than anything else, one could wonder if a car like the new BMW M4 Competition is really worth $30,000-$40,000 more than of M440i sibling. Especially when you consider that the BMW M440i xDrive can still clip 60 mph in less than four seconds, makes a fantastic noise, and even has better traction in bad weather (an all-wheel drive M4 is on the way). So Top Gear recently did a small comparison test between the two to find out.

TG’s Ollie Kew is running a BMW M440i xDrive as his long-term test car, so he’s spent a ton of time in it and knows its strengths and weaknesses quite intimately. Jumping into the BMW M4 Competition and the differences between the two cars are immediately noticeable but they’re not all good.

For instance, if you’re not a fan of the 4 Series’ grille, the M4 is the most egregious of them all. So that hurts its stock a bit, there. Then, there’s the fact that the interior of the M4 is less comfortable from the moment you sit in it, if you spec the racing buckets. The BMW M4 is louder, stiffer, and far more aggressive than the M440i. One thing’s for certain, the M4’s badge isn’t just for marketing — it’s an entirely different car.

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Though, it may not actually be the better car to actually own. Not only is it far stiffer and louder inside but it feels bigger on the road. Its massive fender flares, chunkier tires, and dartier steering makes it feel a bit more claustrophobic on a typical UK road. It’s more capable, sure, but that capability comes at a price.

We haven’t tested the new BMW M4 Competition for long enough on the road to actually determine whether or not we agree with everything in TG’s report but one thing’s for certain — the BMW M4 Competition isn’t just a high-priced 4 Series. It’s a proper performance machine that comes with all of the tradeoffs of buying such a car; less comfort, more noise, far better performance, and a much more aggressive feel. If that’s what you’re looking for, the M4 is probably worth it, as the M440i won’t deliver that sort of feel. However, if you just want a fast, good looking (arguably), two-door daily driver, the BMW M440i is your choice.

[Source: Top Gear]