The guys from G-Power unveiled their latest creation earlier this week, in the shape of the so-called G-Power G2M Limited Edition. This is nothing more or less than a very souped up version of the BMW M2 Competition, in typical G-Power style. The engine was heavily upgraded, the looks were enhanced as well and the whole car now looks like it’s capable of tearing up asphalt everywhere it goes.

The BMW M2 Competition is one of the most revered cars to come out of Munich in the last decade. It’s compact size combined with pure rear-wheel drive and the possibility of getting it with a manual make it a rare bird in the industry today. Even though it may not be the fastest car in a straight line, even compared to its main rivals, the M2 Competition makes up for that lack of performance by delivering incredible amounts of fun.

When it comes to the G-Power G2M model, that might be a bit tricky to achieve. The BMW M2 is so revered because it has a very nice balance to it and adding too much power might offset it. The G-Power model also comes with some serious numbers. Instead of the stock 410 HP, the German tuner infused no less than 550 HP into its Limited Edition G2M, along with 700 Nm of torque. Just for reference, that’s more than what the new M3 and M4 Competition models offer in stock guise.

The car also got other upgrades, like a new stainless steel exhaust system, boost pipes, a new racing air filter and crank lock as well as a top speed limiter delete. The exterior design got the usual G-Power tricks, like a set of decals and new wheels. While we’re patiently waiting for the new M2 to come out, this might be the best way to soothe your performance thirst in a compact model. Too bad only 25 units of the G2M Limited Edition will be built.