BMW M2 Competition

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VIDEO: BMW M2 Competition Short Film — I Donut Care

Everyone has an escape, for when days get tough and stress runs high. Business people-types go golfing, nerdy-types play video games and car enthusiasts go for a drive. The BMW M2 Competition is a car…

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Video: BMW M2 Competition drag races Toyota Yaris GR

While the BMW M2 Competition doesn’t really lack fans these days, there’s a new kid on the block that punches way above its weight limit: the Toyota Yaris GR. This little hot-hatch was designed by…

BMW M2 CSL Turbomeister Edition – Private Owner Creates A Personal Tribute

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BMW M2 Competitions gets tuned for a proper track day

If you’re going to track any modern BMW, it’s the BMW M2 Competition you want. Not only is it the proper layout for a track day; front-engine, manual gearbox (potentially) and rear-wheel drive, but it’s…

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BMW 1M and M2 – A Tale Of Two Cars

“Even if it isn’t the fastest car – there’s always something that draws [the enthusiast] to the car they drive – something special that can’t be replicated or substituted – and that’s why you choose…