Germany’s publishes an article on a potential future BMW iX2. The electrified variant of the second generation BMW X2 has been mentioned before, including in a name filling by BMW. The next BMW X2 is due out in 2023 and it’s based on the third generation BMW X1 which will launch in 2022. The X1 is currently in the testing phase and several test mules were already spotted out in the open.

If it comes to market, the BMW iX2 will advance the company’s electrification plans which calls for 12 fully electric vehicles by 2022-2023. The second-gen X2 will also join the “Power of Choice” movement which offers a powertrain for every type of consumer. BMW currently offers the X2 with an electrified drivetrain, in the form of an X2 plug-in hybrid.

Just like the already confirmed iX1, the BMW iX2 would be available with front wheel drive and all wheel drive variants. The power output is rumored to be around 180 PS (177 hp) for the FWD model, while the AWD iX2 could come with around 250 PS (246 hp). The electric driving range is purely speculative at the moment, even though AutoBild mentions around 400 km (245 miles) on a full charge.

We expect the new X2 to continue the design language of the current generation, but with slightly larger kidneys. The coupe-like roofline will live on, as well as the sporty stance and hatchback-like rear-end. The BMW iX2 will, of course, feature a slightly different design, just like any typical BMW electric car.

BMW’s plant in Regensburg will manufacture both the U11 X1 and the new X2. The Leipzig plant, which will also produce battery modules and high voltage batteries, could include the electric X1 and X2 on their production lines.

[Via TopElectricSUV]