The upcoming BMW X1 will ride on a new platform and will make the most out of it. Being in line with BMW’s ‘Power of Choice’ strategy, the new X1 will be offered with multiple powertrains, from diesel and petrol to hybrids and full EV versions. The latter is bound to wear the BMW iX1 badge.

According to various sources, the new X1 electric car will basically take over from where the i3 left things. Of course, that doesn’t include skinny wheels or a CFRP body, but rather similar price tag and target demographic. The new model will also come with a few model variants. According to a source, the new iX1 will have at least two versions, an entry-level 180 HP one and a more powerful alternative with about 250 HP.

Te base model will most likely have only one motor, positioned at the front, and it could be an evolution of the one found on the i3 right now. As you might already know, the i3S uses a 184 HP motor so that could be improved upon. As for the second model, the 250 HP one, it’s quite likely to have a dual-motor configuration. If that’s confirmed, the rear axle will probably have a second motor attached to it, good for the power difference between the two iX1 choices.

This could also mean that all-wheel drive is in the books only if you go for the more expensive version. The rumor about the FWD setup of the base model will probably be confirmed next week when we’re bound to see a couple of new models from MINI.

Rumors say one of them will be an electric crossover and therefore, we could see the two share platforms, just like the Countryman and current X1 are doing right now.