If you’re after a premium hatchback these days, your choices vary. The three obvious choices are the BMW 1 Series, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and, of course, the Audi A3. For some reason, the guys from CarWow included the Mk8 Golf in this comparison as well, even though, having tested it, I can wholeheartedly tell you it feels like a downgrade from the previous generation and definitely not up to par with the other three.

Nevertheless, the decision was with CarWow and they decided this match-up would be fair. To be honest, the Golf and the A3 share a lot of parts and their underpinnings, but after all, when it comes to ‘premium’ the differences are in the details. And while the design of the four is a subjective matter, the main differences are noticeable when you take a closer look at the materials used inside the cabin.

The BMW 1 Series wins, according to Mat Watson, in the material quality department, while the best looking cabin seems to belong to the A-Class. The Mercedes also wins in the infotainment system department as well. The Golf wins in terms of room offered to the occupants while the BMW has the most practical boot. It has 380 liters of storage but it was designed a bit more clever than its rivals, and can accommodate more stuff.

The good news is that the BMW is still the best driving car in this segment. The differences are small but the 1 Series wins in that department. Overall though, that may not be enough to convince you to take one home. And that’s what Watson points out in the end. The A-Class simply feels like the better overall product here. It is more composed, more comfortable and even though it has its own shortcomings, it beats its rivals by the tiniest of margins.

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