The new 1 Series definitely has some pretty big shoes to fill but whether or not it fills them depends on how you use your car. If you’re an enthusiast, you’ll be looking to have fun behind the wheel of a BMW, be it a measly 1 Series or not. If you’re more interested in the day-to-day aspects of your car, the new 1 Series might feel like a huge upgrade compared to the old model, as it offers more room and more tech.

Therefore, before buying a car, you need to make sure you purchase what’s right for you. The new 1 Series might be if you’re looking for a premium, compact hatch that will be there for you daily, catering to all your needs. The problem for the 1er is that there is some serious competition in this segment right now, with the biggest rival on the market being the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, without a doubt.

The guys from What Car took these two new hatches out for a spin to see how they compare and tell you which one better suits your needs. Unlike other comparisons of these two platforms, this time round we’re not dealing with the top of the range versions but with more down-to-earth versions. The review covers everything you’d need to know before buying, to be honest, and it really goes into details such as the driving position and even how much it would cost you to get lumbar support.

The two cars do trade blows though and each has several tricks up their respective sleeves. The A-Class wins you over once you step inside with its incredible good-looking cabin. Though, some materials could feel better to the touch. Furthermore, to get the best looking interior you do have to pay for it and the difference is quite astounding, compared to the 1 Series. It’s a tough decision to make but this comparison review will certainly help you out.