As car enthusiasts, who enjoy the spirited drive every now and again, I’m sure we’ve all had our share of little bumps and bangs in our cars. I’ve been in a crash or two myself. However, not only have I never personally been a crash as bad as described in the latest episode of the Car Throttle Podcast, but I’ve never even heard of such an intense crash before.

In this recent episode, the guys from the Car Throttle Podcast do their usual bit where they take stories and questions from listeners. On such story involved a BMW 1 Series hatchback being flung so hard from the road that the engine was actually torn from the car. The amount of sheer force it takes to rip an engine from its mounts and through the front end of the car, one way or another, is honestly hard to fathom.

According to the listener this happened to, he was driving his 1 Series hatchback back from its six-month service and was having some fun down a twisty road, with his friend in the passenger seat. The car then hit a really bad bump, lost control and tumbled an incredible distance down a hill. The accompanies photos are genuinely staggering, as they show the entire front end missing, a front wheel missing and the lack of an entire engine. It looks terrifying and the story made me wince, just listening to it.

Thankfully, both passengers survived but not without serious injury. They’re both lucky to be alive, though. This story also reminds us that, while a ton of fun, hooning a car on public roads isn’t always wise. We’re all guilty of it and I’ve had plenty of moments where I quickly realized I did something stupid and almost really got hurt or worse, hurt someone else.

The rest of the podcast, as usual, is great and far lighter in tone than the story about the crash. So have a listen.