A new report claims that the Rolls-Royce Dawn, the British company’s only drop top at the moment, comes with some huge savings these days. According to Autoblog, customers can expect to save, on average, about $14,733 on a new Dawn. Now, considering the sticker price of the car is $359,250, is that really a huge amount? I think not and an even bigger issue is that, even though that’s the sticker price, as we all know, a Rolls-Royce rarely sells for that exact amount.

Customers of the ultra-luxurious brand usually configure their cars to stand out in the crowd. Optional features worth over $15,000 could easily be added to the mix so this ‘discount’ doesn’t really matter in the real life. Statistics might show that the average price paid for a Dawn is $344,517, but that really doesn’t tell the whole story.

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Other cars that are getting big discounts in the U.S. these days include the Acura NSX supercar, which apparently gets a 9% discount on average, as well as the 2020 Aston Martin Vantage. The Acura is apparently selling for an average of $145,174 while the Aston is going for $142,002.

And then there’s another Rolls-Royce in the running for a ‘big’ discount: the new Cullinan. The SUV from Rolls-Royce is selling really well, proving to be a big hit for the Goodwood operation.

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan apparently is getting a 4% discount. That’s basically almost nothing, most dealers offering such discounts on new cars. However, since the price of a Cullinan averages around the $332,000 value, that 4% adds up to $12,427 which could be seen as a lot of money.

Once again, though, for a Rolls-Royce customer that’s just the price tag of a fancy color on the outside or the removal of an extra seat in the back.