It’s been quite a long time coming but we’ve known for a while now that ALPINA is working on its own version of the BMW X7. The 7-seat monster, which will bear the XB7 moniker, is apparently set to be unveiled next week, according to a report from MotorIllustrated.

We’ve seen prototypes of the car out and about for more almost a year now so it’s about time ALPINA finished its work on it and shows us what they have been developing.

As for the car itself, it will be the perfect BMW X7 M surrogate, as BMW repeatedly said there will be no M version of their largest SUV to date. If you’re feeling like the 530 HP of the top of the range M50i model won’t cut it for you, the Alpina XB7 might be the car you’re looking for.

Most likely, the ultra-luxurious SUV will come with the same engine used in the B7 BiTurbo of the B5 BiTurbo.

That is a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 good for 600 HP and 800 Nm (590 lb-ft) of torque, numbers rivaling those of current M cars like the F90 M5 or the M8 it all its different body styles. The XB7 will also come with all-wheel drive as standard as well as all the usual bells and whistles ALPINA got us used to.

The exterior design will probably feature an added lip at the bottom of the front spoiler while the turbine-style wheels and the quad tailpipe setup will also be present.

It will be rather interesting to see how the XB7 shapes up. Inside the cabin we might see the tuner/manufacturer offer solely the Captain’s Chair configuration, limiting the number of seats to six. That won’t be an issue though as the main purpose of this car is to offer luxury and comfort most of all, not necessarily practicality.

Stay tuned for more on the ALPINA XB7!