Not long ago we were telling you that the world’s fastest wagon is a BMW. Well, kind-of a BMW or, at least, as much a BMW as an ALPINA could be considered a standalone car maker. Basically, the Alpina B5 BiTurbo Touring is now claiming the title of ‘world’s fastest wagon’ and that car is built atop the brilliant BMW M550i Touring. According to the car manufacturer, their 608 PS beast will do over 200 mph in a straight line, and that is incredible.

To some it may seem like that’s just a number on paper, but the performance this car is able to deliver is really outstanding. What ALPINA managed here is quite the performance upgrade for a car that uses a V8 engine that has been around for some time now. At the core of everything is the N63 4.4-liter V8 engine from BMW. The twin-turbo mill has been upgraded with a new air intake system, a new intercooler and new turbos, joined by a high-performance cooling system.

The Bi-Turbo charging system comprises two specially developed turbochargers with twin-scroll turbines and large compressor wheels, which are positioned in the V of the 8-cylinder engine, otherwise known as a ‘hot V’ configuration. This makes sure the pedal response is as sharp as possible and the exhaust gasses are dealt with accordingly. All components of the air intake system – from the so called raw air intake ducts to air filter housings and clean air intake manifold – have also been changed.

Similarly, the cooling system utilizes large volume radiators and optimized piping designed for new power levels. An indirect inter-cooler system (air/water/air) facilitates the implementation of short charge-air intake paths – with a main intercooler supplying the two large volume engine-near intercoolers.

The engine also got additional external radiators to make sure it remains cool at all times. That’s how the power output went up to over 600 HP without blowing itself to pieces. The video below, shot by the people over at AutoTopNL shows exactly how fast this wagon can be.