The BMW Welt is considered a sort of Mecca for the BMW enthusiast. It holds the most important cars in the history of the brand and it is an interesting location where a number of events are taking place every year. Among them you’ll find deliveries for certain customers or races by the Drone Racing League. It even has a new area dedicated to some of the newest members of the BMW family.

Today, we are offered exclusive access inside thanks to BMW’s new Youtube series: “BMW Today.” As you can see in the video below, we’re taken on a private tour by Tobias Wyrsch, one of the 10 guides the BMW Welt museum.

Leaving the antics aside, such as the teleportation transition, Tobias is one very knowledgeable individual. He explains, first and foremost, what the double cone building stands for and what it means.

This was, apparently, the foundation for everything the BMW Welt became today. The architect who signed off on its design, wanted to create a building resembling two vortexes mixed together. According to Tobias, the diameter of the base is 48 meters while the smallest circle has a diameter of just 14 meters. This is where a lot of events take place such as the Jazz award ceremony or the premieres of various new cars, like it was the case with the current BMW X5.

///M Town is now part of the BMW Welt exhibition

The duo then moves to the main building where they check out some more stuff. Visitors will be met with the most luxurious cars BMW has on offer today, from the M8 Gran Coupe to the BMW X7. There’s also one designated area reserved for BMW i models including the BMW i Urban Suite introduced not long ago.

There’s a lot more you can check out and I’m going to let you discover it all by checking out the video posted below.