Update with official statement: “We can assure you that we have no plans to close the delivery area, a spokesperson told us. “It is and will remain a crucial element of the BMW Welt.” Since its opening in fall of 2007, BMW Welt has witnessed over 200,000 customers picking up their new cars at the iconic landmark of Munich. However, according to a report by BimmerToday, but unconfirmed by BMW (we reached out for a comment), deliveries at BMW Welt may not only be gradually reduced but could potentially cease altogether in the future. The German publication reports that over the past few months, there has been a significant decrease in the number of employees involved in the official handover process. During their cars delivery, customers receive comprehensive information about the features and capabilities of their new BMW. As a result, this has led to lower capacities and longer waiting times for those who insist on collecting their new cars at BMW Welt.

U.S. BMW European Delivery Canceled in 2020

Furthermore, the prices for this collection service have been raised multiple times in recent years, with the current cost being at least 960 euros. With the possibility of extended waiting times, spanning weeks or even months, the allure of taking delivery at BMW Welt may diminish for an increasing number of customers. The Welt pickup has been a staple of the purchasing process at BMW and was quite popular with U.S. customers before COVID-19 put a stop to that.

During the initial years, handovers and collections at BMW Welt were frequent and attracted many visitors. It was a common sight to witness over 100 customers receiving their new cars on a daily basis, with some days even seeing up to 160 pick-ups. Approximately 90 percent of these customers hailed from various regions of Germany, while nearly 10 percent came from abroad. Among the international customers were customers from different continents, who often combined their collection experience with longer trips to Europe.

Allegedly, it remains uncertain whether the option of picking up new cars at BMW Welt will be completely discontinued and when such a decision might be made. For now, customers who are currently placing orders for new BMWs can still opt for pickup at the Welt. Historically, picking up in Munich was also an attractive option for reducing the transfer costs in Europe These are usually in the high three-digit range or higher, depending on the vehicle class. So the basic pickup at BMW Welt was also an attractive option to reduce costs when buying a new car.

Since the opening of BMW Welt, I have had the privilege of personally picking up three BMWs at the facility, along with one at the previous Freimann Delivery Center. Among all my experiences with the BMW brand, the BMW European Delivery stands out as a pivotal moment that solidified my admiration for the brand. Countless cherished memories were created during these experiences, and I have been a passionate advocate for the program for many years. Not only did it provide the perfect opportunity for an unforgettable European trip, but it also served as an ideal birthday gift.