Just like any other new car from the M division, the BMW X3 M Competition has to pay its dues. Part of the process is being subjected to a series of drag races, not necessarily against its main rivals, but a host of cars. The latest comes from the guys from CAR magazine in South Africa. After putting the BMW X3 M Competition’s abilities in a straight line to the test against the Jaguar F-Pace SVR, they thought about a different opponent this time.

Lining up at the starting line here is a brand new Audi RS4 Avant. Now, to some degree, these cars are rivals, but on different scales. If you think about it, the BMW X3 is the SUV alternative for those wanting a high-riding 3 Series Touring. The A4 Avant is the rival for the 3er from Audi. Therefore, to some extent, this could be considered a fair match-up, in case you had a hard time picking between an Avant or an SUV.

On paper, the X3 M Competition has the edge when it comes to the power output. The M SUV has a 3-liter straight six twin-turbocharged engine good for 503 HP and 600 Nm (442 lb-ft) of torque. It also comes with all-wheel drive and it is a proper land rocket. BMW claims it will do 0-62 mph in about 4 seconds and that’s right up there with the Audi RS4 Avant. The Ingolstadt-based machine has a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 under the hood developing 444 HP and the same amount of torque you’ll find in the BMW.

Photo Comparison: BMW X6 M vs Audi RS Q8 — Big Brutes

But the Audi is lighter than the BMW, albeit not by as much as you’d think. Unfortunately, the video is edited rather poorly and we can’t really get a good idea about what happened here. The outcome of the race is rather obvious, but it’s interesting how slow the BMW X3 M Competition launches in this instance. Maybe the Launch Control sequence wasn’t activated? We’d love to hear your input on the matter.