It seems like everyone wants a piece of the BMW X3 M Competition. The new kid on the block is definitely in high demand and most people are interested in how it compares to its rivals in a straight line. Apparently, BMW delivered as the S58 engine under the hood puts down more power than anyone expected, allowing the M car to be a worthy opponent on the drag strip.

Today we’re taking a look at how the BMW X3 M Competition handles itself against its sole Italian rival, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadtrifoglio Verde. The QV version of the Stelvio is the fastest of the range, as you might expect. Under the hood hides a six-cylinder turbocharged engine some are saying Ferrari fiddled with. The 2.9-liter powerplant has its cylinders displaced in a V unlike on the BMW where we’re dealing with an inline configuration.

Both cars have all-wheel drive systems which means they should launch rather well. They also have nearly the same power outputs, rated at 503 HP and 443 lb-ft (600 Nm) of torque. Furthermore, the two powerful SUVs have 8-speed automatic gearboxes to rely on. The problem here though is the crew that’s doing the testing. Why? Because the guys from The Fast Lane Car are known for having issues with BMW’s Launch Control feature.

Mainly, they don’t know how to activate it. That’s painfully obvious during their first run, where the BMW X3 M driver puts the car in manual mode and forgets to shift. The second race is not a lot better either, but at least he let the car change gears for itself.

It also looks like the Launch Control wasn’t used the second time round either as the result is pretty disappointing. Being more than a second off to 60 mph is a lot, even at 1 mile above sea level.