BMW Individual is what you want to get if you really want your car to be unique. And by that I don’t mean the way it was configured, as the chances of someones configuring a car exactly like yours are pretty high. What I mean is unique, as in, nobody else has that color or nobody else can say they have the same initials embroidered in the headrest. That’s what BMW Individual brings to the table.

The people over in BMW’s HQ know that people are starting to yearn for unique features more and more and therefore they are trying to bring the BMW Individual program back into focus. Not long ago we were taking a look at how a BMW M4 can transform when being put through this special program but today we’re shifting focus to a BMW 7 Series and the Individual Manufaktur selection.

BMW Individual Manufaktur is yet a further step in the direction of personalized cars. Unlike the normal program where you can choose rarer colors but from a predefined list, going for Individual Manufaktur allows you to actually come up with your own color or material to be used on your future car. Those who would like to enhance their choice further can rely on the options predefined by BMW Individual Manufaktur.

That choice might be even harder to make though, as you get to choose from a seemingly endless array of hues – from Phoenix Yellow to Ash Grey. The range includes even show-stopping bi-color paint finishes. You can also enhance the individuality of your BMW with a coachline, masterfully rendered by hand, just like it’s the case on Rolls-Royce models.

Inside the cabin you can get luxurious finishes and materials which can be both striking and so subtle that some may not even notice them. Customisable features include personal color selection to create impressive two-tone compositions, individual contrast stitching, and even unique accessories matching the chosen Merino leather. The premium ambience can be further enhanced by adding more leather in the interior. Furthermore, signets or monograms can be added to the head restraints and other elements, all realized at the customary BMW Individual Manufaktur level of premium craftsmanship.