The ultimate in BMW luxury can only be achieved by going through the Individual Manufaktur catalogue and that’s if we ignore the Rolls-Royce brand that is also part of the BMW Group. The Individual Manufaktur division allows you to deck your car according to your most specific details and truly make it your own. Unfortunately not every model in the BMW range can be fitted with such bespoke features but the one we’re checking out today is not one of those.

We’re looking at a BMW 7 Series that was put through the Individual treatment and the end result is nothing short of breathtaking. As you can see the headrest in fine-grain Merino leather in Fiona Red is embroidered with the BMW Individual lettering in Black. It builds a contrast to the headliner Alcantara in Anthracite and matches the floor mats with red floormats.

The sunblinds have BMW Individual Manufaktur signets and are just another one of the details brought on by the bespoke finish chosen by the customer. The cherry on top is represented by the champagne flutes engraved with the BMW Individual lettering and the bar compartment in the center rear console. That one of the rarest options we’ve seen installed on a 7 Series along with the fridge encompassed in the center rear armrest.

Overall, this is one of the most beautiful combinations we’ve seen so far on a 7 Series. We would’ve loved to see some more pics of the car from the outside but we’ll take what we can get. If this is also a BMW M760Li xDrive model, the price tag was probably over €200,000.