BMW has become one of the world’s most popular and sought after luxury brands. BMW also sells more luxury cars than almost any company in the world. For this reason, BMWs are everywhere. Despite the privilege it is to own one, it isn’t an exclusive club to be in. It’s hard to drive more than five minutes without seeing a 3 Series on the road.

It’s for this reason that BMW has developed the BMW Individual program.


BMW believes that its customers deserve the opportunity to own something more exclusive than their neighbor’s run-of-the-mill 5 Series, so it developed this Individual program to give those customers that extra level of exclusivity that they want.

Individual Fire Orange BMW E92 M3 (23)

For starters, the BMW Individual program allows customers to pick from different exterior and interior colors than the usual selections. This allows your BMW to be slightly unique in comparison to every other Bimmer you see on the streets.

There’s also the availability of different trims for the interior.


With these extra levels of customization, it insures that almost every Individual BMW is unique and different. This program works quite well for very popular cars like the M4. This way, if you buy an Individual M4 customized to your liking, it will be unique to the sea of M4’s driving around your town. Yours will stand out, and isn’t that the whole point of buying an M4?


Now, if this level of customization isn’t enough for you, and you want your BMW to be even more unique than all of the others roaming your area, then BMW has another program for you, BMW Individual Manufaktur. This Individual Manufaktur program allows the you, the customer, to become the designer and customize almost anything you want, so long as it doesn’t impede on safety or legal requirements. After you’ve chosen your goodies, a BMW Individual Manufaktur specialist will see that your dreams become a reality.


The Individual Manufaktur program lets you choose from a nearly endless array of color options and hues, allowing the you to pick the precise color you’d like your BMW to be. There are even wonderful Bi-Color options available as well as coachlines that are rendered onto the vehicle by hand. There are so many different options and styles to choose from that if you have a vision of a dream BMW, chances are it can be made exactly to your dream specifications.


The interior is equally as customizable, if not more so. The leather color can be chosen personally and two-tone options are available. Contrast stitching in your personally chosen color is also available as well as certain accessories to match the Merino leather. Anything you choose can also be embroidered into the headrests or rendered onto interior trim for an extra level of customization. Speaking of trim, the interior trim can be chosen out of a vast variety of materials, such as carbon, any kind of precious metal and many other bespoke choices, such as snakeskin or 925 sterling silver.

These Individual programs allow BMW customers to add some extra exclusivity to the brand they love. This way, the car they drive is unique to them and highly unlikely to find another like it on the road. After all, when you’re spending the kind of money that BMWs cost, you should be able to have it exactly the way you want it. And that’s exactly what BMW intends to do with the Individual and Individual Manufaktur programs.