The BMW X1 is not necessarily the fastest SUV in the BMW range these days but it wasn’t set up to be fast in the first place. The crossover was designed to be practical and easy to use more than a go-fast machine. It achieves those attributes easily and it now can go even faster thanks to the tuning program launched by the guys from Dahler.

The Swiss tuner has been around for decades and they have reliable kits in store for basically every version of the BMW X1. On the petrol side of things, you can get upgrades for the 18i and 20i models, not to mention the range topping 25i version. The sDrive and xDrive18i models go up from 140 HP to 158 HP while the sDrive and xDrive20i versions go from 192 HP to 223. As for the xDrive25i model, you can get up to 270 HP and 420 Nm (310 lb-ft) out of it.

Then there’s the diesel side of things. Since these kits will sell mostly around Europe, these will attract the most attention. The 16d models go up from 116 HP to 135 HP while the 150 HP xDrive18d model goes up to 174 HP. The best-seller in the range, the xDrive20d model can get 226 HP instead of the usual 190 while the range-topping xDrive25d bi-turbo diesel goes up from 231 HP to 260 HP.

As far as design changes go, Dahler kept things simple, as usual. A set of wheels, a lowered suspension and an overall blacked-out theme was deemed enough for the car showcased in the gallery below. Of course, you can still get any engine tuning kit without having to buy the whole package.