Next BMW M3/M3 and X3M/X4M might get 475 horsepower

BMW M3, BMW M4, BMW X3 M | December 23rd, 2017 by 13
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Building upon the S55 3.0 liter six-cylinder unit found in the M3/M4, BMW M engineers will give us next year the S58 unit with upgraded …

Building upon the S55 3.0 liter six-cylinder unit found in the M3/M4, BMW M engineers will give us next year the S58 unit with upgraded hardware and a power output at around 470-475 horsepower. The new powerplant will make its debut in the X3M and X4M, followed a couple of years later by the next generation M3/M4.

This will be the first time a BMW X3 M will be offered and fans of the brand and this particular model will surely be excited to see it finally materialize after years of waiting. The X3 M will actually be late to the game as its rivals from Audi and Mercedes-Benz already have performance versions out, in the shape of the Audi SQ5 and GLC63 AMG.

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The X4 M will be powered by the same unit.

We’ve heard rumors that the upcoming G80 BMW M3 could be the first BMW M car to feature a hybrid powertrain. It’s getting a 48-volt electric system, so it’s also possible that the new M3 is a MHEV (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle).

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Being built on BMW’s latest CLAR architecture, expect quite a lot of carbon fiber used in the new BMW M3. It should get the same carbon fiber roof as every other current BMW M car and it should also have some carbon fiber in the chassis structure. So the upcoming G80 BMW M3 will be lighter than the outgoing car, while also having more power.

And thanks to the new engine, significantly faster.

13 responses to “Next BMW M3/M3 and X3M/X4M might get 475 horsepower”

  1. Central Lifestyle says:

    They should release both X3M and X4M same time next year. No need to delay the X4M. Tired of waiting. Might be the final chance to drive a monstrous ICE for a few more years before governments legislate electric-powertrains as compulsory or outlaw ICEs in the U.K.

  2. Dailybimmer says:

    Better 492hp.

  3. DM says:

    It would be conceivable to have, instead of the weight of the XDrive system, either an electrically assisted slushbox or individual electric front motors to help performance. I think M GmbH dipped their toes in the AWD waters with XDrive. It is after all, not uncharted waters, the holy trinity has already demonstrated the viability of the formula (918, LaFerrari, P1). And now that the F90 has set a new positive precedence, they can finally get on with some real innovation ahead of Audi & Daimler.

    • disqus_DHUVPcDkKY says:

      Audi & Daimler “real innovation”? BMW become a part of VAG? Or they buy AMG? Pretty sure i3 & i8 – to name 2 – are “real innovation ahead of Audi & Daimler”. Who don’t even offer competitors.

  4. Kaisuke971 says:

    They HAVE TO get at least that to be competitive.

  5. Distiller says:

    Keeping up with Alfa …

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