Upcoming BMW F97 X3 M was just spotted in South Carolina

BMW X3 M, Spy Photos | August 27th, 2017 by 7
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BMW is ramping up its prototype testing in South Carolina and as always, local spy photographer Palbay is on-site to capture them in all their …

BMW is ramping up its prototype testing in South Carolina and as always, local spy photographer Palbay is on-site to capture them in all their glory. We’ve just seen the upcoming second-generation X4 being fully unveiled and now we have a new spy shot of the first BMW X3 M model. This will be the first time a BMW X3 M will be offered and fans of the brand and this particular model will surely be excited to see it finally materialize after years of waiting. The X3 M will actually be late to the game as its rivals from Audi and Mercedes-Benz already have performance versions out, in the shape of the Audi SQ5 and GLC63 AMG.

BMW F97 X3M 2018 image 2 830x564

The biggest changes for the M model are under its bonnet, where the X3 M uses a 425-430 hp turbocharged straight six engine, which is related to the one used in the M3 and M4. The new X3 M is built around the same revised high-strength steel platform with a modified double-wishbone (front) and multi-link (rear) suspension as the new X3.

The front-end of the X3 M present itself flatter, yet beefier than the current model and with a new set of LED headlights. A character line runs from the front wheel arch on both door handles to the rear lights, which – are finally running used full LED technology.

The F97 X3 M will sport the typical M design, with an aggressive front fascia including a sculpted bumper and large air curtains, along with flared wheel arches and a lower stance. The X3 M also gets a more muscular look with flared whee larches, wider fenders and a lower stance. The rear-end will deliver the M signature quad tailpipes integrated into a redesigned and sporty bumper.

If you can’t wait for the new X3 M – due out in 2018 – the latest X3 will have an X3 M40i model at launch. This M Performance model has 355 hp and 369 lb-ft from a turbocharged inline-6.

7 responses to “Upcoming BMW F97 X3 M was just spotted in South Carolina”

  1. Kaisuke971 says:

    An RS Q5 would have the 450hp V6 and both the GLC 63 S and the Stelvio QV have 510hp. The car won’t the weight and gearbox advantages of the M3 that still struggles with 450, 430 just doesn’t seem like enough for an X3 M to me. Or maybe if it has lile 650nm of torque but even then idk

    • Central Lifestyle says:

      Absolutely mate, 430hp won’t cut it. Not in this segment anymore. It’s gotten super competitive, even Alfa Romeo are in with their QV. The next generation Macan will be coming for blood too. Won’t surprise if Porsche swap the V6 for a V8 in the Macan Turbo/Turbo S. GLC AMG63 has drawn the line in the sand with that sublime AMG V8 (470hp), for 511hp in the 63s. The competitors are still playing. I still think X4M, with handling precision and sporty dynamics, will be a joy to drive. It’ll be a shame if it lacks in power compared to rivals. That’s why I’ve ordered the GLC Coupe AMG63s to replace my AMG43. I’ll get the X4M too, it musn’t disappoint.

  2. bmw driver says:

    I just hope it won’t have an S55, and that it’ll handle like the Macan while having the X3s comfort and practicality. Since BMW won’t sell me an M3 touring, this will be the next best thing and I’ll be very interested when it’s available for sale.

    • Senne says:

      It will share the M3/M4’s engine, so it will be a (modified?) S55. However, I do think they’ve learned a lot over the past years and listened to the fans, so it should sound better than the M3/M4 (although I think they already sound pretty good, especially the CS).

  3. Chris S says:

    I just saw a white one wearing full camo driving down Wilshire in Beverly Hills this morning. Passed me on the sidewalk so I didn’t have a chance to get a pic but it was definitely an X3 with quad tailpipes making a great noise.

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