We know that the new BMW M3 is currently under development, as is the future BMW 3 Series as a whole, and that it will bring more performance than ever before and possibly some radical changes. Based on the upcoming G20 BMW 3 Series, the M3 will be known as the G80. It will also be lighter, faster and far more high-tech than the car it replaces and it’s just been caught doing some testing, wearing heavy camouflage. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

Judging from some of the spy photos of the standard G20 3 Series, we know that the styling change over the current 3 Series/M3 won’t be evolutionary. However, there are some significant enough changes that will make it stand out from the old car. Some of these changes can be seen from these spy photos, despite its camo.

From the front, the headlights seem quite a lot slimmer and more rounded, which is a better look than what’s on the current M3. It’s signature Kidney Grilles are also quite a bit larger, much like they are on the new BMW X3. We can’t tell if the Kidney Grilles either have really thick plastic surrounds or the headlights aren’t touching the Kidneys anymore or maybe both. We’re hoping they’re disconnected again, as it does look better that way and the connected grilles/headlights seems to be a design cue BMW is shying away from. At the front there are also massive front air intakes and a new radar sensor.

If you look down the side of the car from the front three-quarters view, you can see the shoulder line of the new M3 is far less dramatic than it is on the current car. It’s a bit smoother, a bit more streamlined and I, personally, think it will look better. In profile, though, you’d be hard pressed to notice many differences, if any at all, between this car and the one it’s replacing. The new Hofmeister Kink looks a bit smoother and subtler but that’s about it.

Out back, there’s the signature quad exhaust pipes, which is to be expected. At the top, a small rear decklid spoiler sits at the edge of the trunk, a la the new BMW M5. It’s a welcome touch, if a subtle one.

We don’t have any official info on powertrains or drivetrains. However, there’s a likeliness that the new BMW M3 boasts a similar twin-turbocharged I6 engine to what it currently has, only with water-injection to help it make around 500 hp. I hope that isn’t the case because it’s an unnecessary complication to make that sort of power, which can be done far more simply. Alfa Romeo makes 505 hp from a 2.9 liter twin-turbo V6 and, believe me, there’s no noticeable lag advantage to BMW’s engines. There’s also a possibility of xDrive all-wheel drive, which would be similar to the one on the new M5. That would make the new M3 a helluva lot faster to 60 mph but might piss off too many enthusiasts.

It will be very interesting to see how the new BMW M3 shakes out and we’re going to be watching its development like hawks. So stay tuned.

[Source: Auto Express]