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Top 10 Most Powerful BMW Engines of All Time

The new BMW M5 CS sits at the top of the most powerful production series BMW cars ever made. It took nearly 30 years to overshadow the iconic S70 McLaren F1 engine. Even though, some…

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VIDEO: BMW M3 and M4 Drivetrain Explained

As the hype-train for the upcoming BMW M3 and M4 picks up speed, BMW M is throwing more coal into the fire with its series of videos breaking down different aspects of the new cars…

VIDEO: Could This Really be a Toyota Supra with an M3 S58 Engine?

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BMW Officially Confirms G80 M3 Will Get S58 Engine

The upcoming BMW G80 M3 is nearly finished with the development and testing stage. We’ve already seen it out performing tests a couple of times and rumors about what kind of performance it will bring…