BMW’s Art Car project was started back in the 1970s and ever since, famous artists took a stab at giving a number of iconic models in the range, their own character, one that would likely enhance the car’s shape rather than offer it a whole new look. Among the artists who accepted the challenge you’ll find people like Andy Warhol, Alexander Sims and, most recently, Cao Fei. What we’re looking at today though, is more of an ode to the original, a unique BMW M2 with a hand-painted exterior.

The guys from Evolve Automotive have been featured by us a few times before. They are the culprits behind the world’s first unofficial BMW M2 GTS, their model coming really close to what we’re expecting the real deal model to bring to the table. It has just over 400 HP but it’s still using the old N55 engine under the hood. Torque has also gone up to 450 lb-ft, a drastic increase by all means.

On the outside you could also notice the new splitter up front, side skirts and wing on top of the boot lid. The paintings were done by hand by two artists who turned the M2 into an unofficial art car.