Evolve isn’t the first tuning company to do it and they won’t be the last but their BMW M2 GTS conversion is about as good as it gets and is pretty cool. Ever since the BMW M2  debuted, fans have been wondering what it would be like with the same GTS treatment as the M4 GTS. Essentially, what would happen if BMW gave the M2 the same lightweight kits, aerodynamics, better suspension and extra power as the M4 GTS? Well, Evolve Automotive attempted to find out and the results are impressive.

We’ve featured this build before but this is a pretty close, in-depth look at the work they’ve done and it’s really interesting to watch.

On the outside, the Evolve BMW M2 GTS looks about as close as you’ll get to an M4 GTS, within reason. So it gets a similar grey paint job, just not frozen like the GTS, a carbon fiber front splitter with orange accents, a carbon fiber hood that mimics the GTS’, a massive fixed and manually-adjustable rear wing and a fully carbon fiber roof. So it’s pretty spot on with the lightweight and carbon upgrades on the outside. The only real big difference is the choice of wheels. Sure, they could have pulled the gorgeous 20″ wheels from the M4 GTS but they didn’t want to increase the size of the wheels, for weight and handling purposes.

Inside, a pretty impressive attention to detail was given to trying to remake an M4 GTS’ cabin. So the seats were replaced with lightweight buckets, wrapped in black leather with orange accents and contrast stitching. They also removed the back seats and fitted an orange roll cage, which looks cool. What’s most impressive, though, is the fact that they replaced all of the blue contrast stitching in the standard BMW M2 with orange stitching. That must have been a nightmare to do.

But Evolve didn’t stop at just the aesthetics. Their BMW M2 GTS features some power upgrades as well. So rather than use the water-injection system of the BMW M4 GTS, Evolve is actually injecting a different liquid — methanol. So it’s a meth-injected variant of the standard N55 engine, with a new, and gorgeously done, carbon fiber intake, making a total of 440 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. That power is routed to a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, much like the M4 GTS.

As far as suspension and handling go, the M2 GTS gets Bilstein B16 coilovers, which are height, damper and rebound adjustable, much like the M4 GTS’ stock suspension. It also gets carbon ceramic brakes. Considering how well the M4 variant handles, this M2 GTS should be fantastic.

It’s a very cool build, the BMW M2 GTS. It looks great, has an impressive attention to detail and should handle really, really well. It even sounds really good, thanks to its Supersprint exhaust system. Check this build out.