We’ve seen all sorts of supercars and hypercars drag racing BMWs in the past but watching a Bugatti Veyron do that is a rare thing. Even though the Veyron is old news by now, with its successor being revealed recently in the shape of the Chiron, we still shouldn’t overlook the fact it develops over 1,000 HP in stock guise. That’s huge by any means making it a proper Bugatti in anyone’s book. But how will this car fare against a BMW E34 M5?

At first you may think the Bimmer has no chance, but then one would assume that the M5 owner would bring something extra to the table. The owner of this particular M5 wanted to keep his car as stealthy as possible and didn’t go for flashy upgrades. From the outside however you can still notice a pretty huge intercooler up front, embedded in the bumper. You’d also notice just how low the car’s nose is sitting as well as its rear wheels fitted with what look like radial tires.

All those things combined should give you an idea of what hides under the hood and the fact that it’s probably not the stock engine the M5 came with. And you’d be right. Even though the mill is still an S38B38 3.8-liter straight six it is now attached to a huge turbo which not only doesn’t fit under the hood but also raises the power output to some 900 WHP. Yes and it’s all being sent to the rear wheels via a manual gearbox.

When combined with the low weight of the E34 M5 you get a proper Bugatti Veyron killer as you’re about to witness in the video below. The reaction of the people inside the Bugatti should tell you everything you need to know about just how amazing this thing is once it gets going. Of course, if this were to be a standing start race, the results would’ve been completely different but as it was done from a rolling start, the BMW won it hands down.