Premium and luxury cars not only come with great performance and looks, but also with a hefty maintenance bill. In this category we have premium brands like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche – maybe even Ferrari. But there is another category of its own – hypercars. Bugatti Veyron – with its millions of dollars price tag – falls in this segment.

In the video below, the owner of this Veyron explains how much it costs to own and maintain one. Needless to say, owning and maintaining a supercar capable of driving more than 250 miles per hour is ludicrously expensive. But if you have the money to own one, then footing the bill shouldn’t be an issue. In the end, there are only eight of them in the United States.


1. Taxes

MSRP is 3.2 million dollars so in California or Illinois, it will cost you another $320,000 to buy and register the car.

2. Tires

The whole set of tires is $32,000 – no wheels. If you want to replace the tires more than three tires – as Bugatti recommends – you need to replace the wheels which costs $120,000. Why do you need to replace the wheels? The tires are glued to the wheels.

3. Maintenance Service

$30,000 a year for service as it’s recommended by Bugatti. The oil change costs $20,000. The automaker offers a maintenance program – no tires replacement – at 50,000 Euros and Bugatti will cover the service for three years.

When you look at these things, owning a BMW doesn’t sound so bad afterall.