Every once in a while, I find a particular classic car that just makes me wish I had Mark Cuban style money just so I could buy it without reason. This 1993 M5 Touring is one of those cars.

Now, I’m usually one to poke fun at the E34 BMW 5 Series. It’s my least favorite 5er and one of my least favorite BMWs. My parents had two, so I’ve had plenty of time in them and behind the wheel. The E34 just never did it for me, it always felt a bit too sloppy and heavy. It’s not a bad car, per say, but it’s just not a favorite of mine. Plus, I never thought the styling worked very well, it was just too boxy, even for it’s time. However, the E34 M5 is still a great car and one to be appreciated, thanks to its 3.8 liter S38B38 engine that developed 340 horsepower. It’s also the car driven in that awesome car chase in the movie Ronin.

Side1 750x505

This E34 M5 from Bring A Trailer, though, is particularly special and really catches my eye. It’s a 1993 M5 Touring in Avus Blue Metallic and it looks absolutely fantastic. The wagon body style fixes my issue with the styling, as well. The interior is done in a wonderful black Buffalo leather, which is in fantastic condition. Both the exterior and interior have only the most minor of blemishes (some peeling clear coat on the roof and a slightly drooping headliner), but overall it’s in great condition for a car that’s 22 years old. It also only has 75,000 original miles on it.

The car was bought brand new in Germany in 1993, but was legally imported to the US. So it’s a perfectly legal German market M5. It’s had a bit of refreshing done, but everything was kept OEM and no aftermarket parts were used. Things like the suspension, alternator and some drive belts were replaced, but all withing OEM specification. The main thing is that the engine and transmission are still original and in perfect condition. So while the car isn’t 100 percent numbers matching original, it’s damn close. But because it isn’t perfect and original, you can actually drive it without fear of ruining its perfection.

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But the real kicker about this M5 is that it came from the factory with the Nurburgring Package. What this came with was Servotronic speed-sensitive steering, thicker anti-roll bars, wider wheels and tires and adaptive M suspension. That’s right, it had electronically adaptive suspension in 1993! Though it wasn’t nearly as sophisticated as what we have today. Instead, a switch would just lock the suspension in its stiffest, most aggressive setting. This was likely only for track use. But still, how cool is that on a 1993 BMW M5 Touring?

This is one of the more special classic BMWs I’ve seen in a long time, which surprises me considering my usual distaste for E34s. This is a special car and one that any BMW enthusiast with the sufficient funds should look into getting. Speaking of sufficient funds, this M5 Touring is currently bidding at $15,750. That’s pretty good for a classic M5 Touring imported from Germany with only 75,000 miles on it and that’s equipped with the very rare Nurburgring Package. If you’re interested, hurry up and bid before it’s gone.

[Source/Photos: Bring A Trailer]