Fans have been rather lukewarm on BMW’s newest releases. The biggest new releases to come from BMW have been the 7 Series and the 5 Series. Both of those cars, though, haven’t gotten the praise that BMW had hoped. While the 5er is big in Europe, with most European jounrnos hailing it as possibly the best car in the segment, American enthusiasts have been relatively unimpressed. However, the Bavarians will be coming out with quite a few new models in the coming year and they’re cars fans should really get excited about.

BMW 8 Series

First on the list has to be the new BMW 8 Series. It marks the return of a beloved nameplate, a return for BMW in the high-end coupe segment and it could possibly be the prettiest car BMW’s made in a very long time. From the concept images we’ve seen to the spy photos to the renders, the 8 Series is shaping up to be a stunningly beautiful car. But it’s not just the standard 8 Series that fans are excited about. We will finally be getting a BMW M8, something for which BMW fans have been begging for ages.


There was a lot of fear as to whether or not the next-gen BMW M5 would stray too far from the brand’s roots. The addition of all-wheel drive seemed like heresy to the BMW-faithful. However, after some reports of preliminary drives, it seems that the new M5 could be one of the best ever. Packing 600 hp and all-wheel drive, it’s brutally fast and should be the fastest BMW ever. But its best party trick is that it can turn its all-wheel drive system off and keep it off, rather than just have a “Drift Mode”, like some other competitors. Or, you can turn it into a rear-drive-biased all-wheel drive system that gives you the best of both worlds. Apparently, this is the sharpest M5 in a very long time and could even challenge the E39 M5.


Okay, so the new X3 isn’t as sexy or as exciting as the M5 or 8 Series but it’s a far more realistic option for many enthusiasts. There are many BMW fans who can’t buy a hardcore M car, as they have a family they have to haul around. So cars like the BMW X3 really make life a lot better. It fits the needs for families while providing and enjoyable drive and BMW dynamics. From what we’ve heard, this new X3 will be the best one yet. Plus, it looks great, has a very premium interior and impressive technology. Considering that the X3 will be an affordable and usable everyday BMW for many enthusiasts, it could be a very exciting car.


We know that Americans love big luxury SUVs. In fact, the world does. That’s why cars like the Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class and Lexus GX sell so well. BMW hasn’t had a car in this segment as of yet and it’s something that many customers want. The BMW X7 will give the brand a high-end, ultra-premium SUV to compete in this segment and it will also give BMW a new luxury flagship.

So it seems that BMW has a lot of new cars coming out that should excite many fans. This could be a great year for BMW and a defining one. But which of these new models is the most exciting?