This new G30-generation BMW 5 Series has had a bit of an odd reception by enthusiasts and journalists across the globe. Since its inception just this year, there have been complaints about its handling and dynamics from most American publications. However, in Europe, its handling and dynamics are being praised. It’s an interesting discord between the two continents and it’s one that enthusiasts are noticing. So which is it, is the BMW 5 Series bland and uninspiring to drive or is it possibly the best saloon car in the world, like EVO says?

The 5 Series isn’t the absolute best at everything, however its overall breadth of abilities is so impressive that it just may be the best overall sedan in its segment and possibly the industry. That’s what EVO is getting at. They even go on to say that the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is flashier and more luxurious, while the Jaguar XF is more exciting to drive. Yet the BMW 5 Series is almost as luxurious as the Benz while being much better to drive. And while it isn’t as thrilling as the Jag, it’s far better at everything else.

Inside the 5 Series, you’ll find one of the most superbly built cabins on the market. At first, it looks a bit underwhelming, especially when compared to the E-Class. But sit inside and start touching thing and you’ll soon realize that the 5er might even be made of higher quality than the vaunted Benz. Every material is of the highest quality, the built quality feels incredibly robust and its bursting with the best tech in the business.

In terms of ride and handling, the 5 Series is a car that has no egg on its face, really. Now, naturally a car that’s good at everything, isn’t great at anything. That sometimes turns people off, as it can come off as a bit boring and safe. The 5er has sharp and accurate steering, a playful front end and impressive chassis. But it isn’t dripping with excitement like the Jag or oozing with luxury like the Benz. But its wealth of talents is beyond both, making it a better all-rounder than them.

Its only real fault, which can be agreed upon by journalists worldwide, is that it’s a bit boring looking. The exterior design of the new 5 Series is a bit too bland and has some awkward shapes, like the headlights and taillights. Which is a shame, because it looks great in profile, with that muscular looking shoulder line and front fenders. However, there’s too much blandness in the body to be considered as pretty as the Jag or as classy as the Benz.

Despite that, though, the BMW 5 Series is just such a superb all-around vehicle that EVO Magazine thinks it could be the best car in the segment. And considering how good the other cars in the segment are, that could make it the best saloon in the world.

[Source: EVO]