With just one day to go before the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, you could say that we’re excited. We’re going to see a ton of great new cars and interesting ideas tomorrow and maybe more so than ever. With fully-autonomous vehicles, highly-connected cars and extremely high-performance cars debuting, this could be one of the most important auto shows toe ver grace Detroit.

We recently spoke about all of the great BMWs to debut in Motor City, of which there are few. The BMW M550i xDrive and BMW X2 Concept headline the debuts for Bavaria. But there are plenty of other great cars debuting from other brands as well. So let’s take a look at some of the cars from other brands that we’re excited to see.

Volvo V90 Location Profile

Volvo V90 — Okay, maybe this one’s just me. But I think it’s extremely important for a luxury brand to launch a premium wagon in the US market. Americans need to see how good wagons can be and Volvo is a good brand to show us. Its wagons have always been popular world-wide and the new Volvo V90, based off of the new S90 sedan, should become very popular indeed. It’s good looking, with sharp lines and an attractive front end and it looks better in wagon form. It also has a superb interior, with light colors and big greenhouse with rich wood. It’s the sort of cabin that both looks and feels airy, modern and upscale. If the Volvo V90 does well in the ‘States, it could prompt BMW and Audi to bring some of their great wagons to the US, such as the 5 Series Touring and A4 Avant.


Volkswagen I.D. — Autonomy is going to be a big theme in Detroit this year. It’s just the way of the times, as customers are looking more for connectivity, electrification and autonomy, rather than performance and style. Volkswagen will be debuting a new I.D. Concept that will have full autonomous capabilities in the future. The idea is similar to many of BMW’s autonomous concepts, where it’s a normal car for the most part, but if the driver wants to sit back and relax in traffic, the press of a button does the trick. The Volkswagen logo will glow and a press of it will cause the steering wheel to retract into the dashboard and the car will drive autonomously.

Audi Q8 concept

Audi Q8 — The non-BMW that could be the most exciting of the Detroit Auto Show is the Audi Q8 Concept. What could be the replacement for the Audi e-tron Quattro Concept, the Audi Q8 is likely to be a fully-electric SUV. If it’s indeed a replacement for the e-tron Quattro, the Audi Q8 will pack an electric range of over 300 miles. It will also have advanced autonomous capabilities and impressive interior technology. Audi wants to make this the most technological car in its lineup, making it the flagship of the brand. According to Audi, the Q8 will be the sort of SUV that you want to drive you to work during the weekday and that you want to drive on your own on the weekend.