The marketing people over at the BMW Group must be experiencing some terrible days right about now. US sales have came in for the month of November and they are definitely not looking good. However, this might help justify the plethora of videos published online about almost every model in the range, that aims at explaining why it’s better than the rest of the platoon. This time it was the MINI Hatch that got the VIP treatment.

In a recent video published on the corporate Youtube account, also posted below, the brand tries to explain why the MINI hatch is looking into the future and how it’s anchored to its past. In truth, fans of the brand might take this as a futile experiment, but it does make sense for those who are looking to buy a new car and are still undecided as to what to buy.

The MINI hatch has been around for enough time to create its own following. It was initially sketched by Sir Alec Issigonis in the 1950s as a cheap means of getting around. With Europe recovering from the second World War and resources scarce the aim was to put together a car that would need cheap materials.

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What he didn’t know was that by creating such a light and small car, he also created one of the best handling FWD cars ever to be assembled. Sure the latest MINI hatch has grown in considerably in size, but the truth of the matter is that customers demanded it. Everyone wanted more room and comfort inside and that just isn’t possible without growing in size.

Even so, the current MINI line-up has a design that stays true to the original as the video below will explain. You’ll also have a chance to learn about the new tech it brings to the table, bringing the winged logo into the 21st century.