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VIDEO: 2021 BMW M3 M Steptronic Transmission Explained

The course through the most intricate details of the new BMW M3 and M4 models continues, courtesy of BMW M. After learning about the driveshaft, tires, wheels, engine, and everything else in between, the time…

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Video: How to use the BMW Drive Recorder

I remember when Tesla made headlines around the world with its ‘Sentry Mode’ for most of its models. Even today you can still read about people being identified using footage from a Tesla model, recorded…

Video: BMW E53 X5 buying tips from Tiff Needell

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BMW Connected App to be replaced by My BMW App

The BMW Connected app is on its way out. BMW didn’t officially announced its new app for connecting to your car but it published a set of videos on its Youtube channel not long ago,…