If you are are an ’80s child, you probably admired the BMW E92 M3 when it came out. Back then, some of us were stuck in college, eyeing the latest generation of the BMW M3 and marveling at every nook and cranny of this amazing vehicle. When the E92 M3 came out, it had everything: gorgeous and aggressive exterior looks, an amazing interior and a powerful engine that delivered some breathtaking performance. Now, some 10 years later, the E92 M3 is still one of the most attractive high-performance coupes you can buy.

But, as the story goes, the E92 M3 is a vehicle that’s a generation old, and while its design and power delivery may be outdated, it’s also one of the most affordable high-performance vehicles you can buy used on the market today. It also means it’s ripe for some cosmetic touches to make it pop right back up!

Alpine White M3 Gets Performance & Visual Upgrades At EAS

Consequently, this Alpine White BMW M3 visited European Auto Source for some visual and performance upgrades. First, the California-based tuning shop has replaced the factory exhaust system for an Akrapovic Evolution Slip-On Titanium Exhaust which delivers a gruesome exhaust note at perfect volume.

It’s also looking quite the part with its carbon fiber exhaust tips as well. Furthermore, the exterior was upgraded with the iND Painted Trunk Badge and Painted Front Reflectors,  and LUX H8 160 Angel Eyes adding that contemporary final touch for the car’s exterior.

Alpine White M3 Gets Performance & Visual Upgrades At EAS

Next, on the inside, European Auto Source pulled two modifications at once: this M3 received an M Performance Alcantara steering wheel with the pairing of Pedal Haus DCT “Short Throw” shift paddles. These, alongside Pedal Haus pedals, make the driving position a lot more better for spirited drivers. Full showcase of this build is available in the media gallery down below.