While everyone’s geeking out over the new BMW M2 or M4, some people are still magically drawn to the BMW E92 M3 and for good reason. The previous M3 Coupe wrote history in more than one way and it’s often regarded by many as the last true M car before the forced induction craze took over the world.

The E92 was the last car to wear the M3 badge on a Coupe model. Starting with the F80 and F82 models, the M3 will only be sold as a Sedan while the M4 badge will define Coupe versions. Another reference point regards the engine under the hood. The E9x M3 models were the last to use naturally aspirated engines and, they are also the only M3 cars ever made that used V8 powerplants.


Of course, the list could go on and on but the bottom line is that the E92 M3 was an iconic model for a number of reasons. Leaving aside these turning points, the car is also revered for its high-revving character and that’s one of the things the guys from Roads Untraveled are mentioning in the video below. The way the torque is delivered and how the power builds up is currently not to be found in any other ‘normal’ car. Sure, naturally aspirated engines are still in production, even with higher redlines than the 8,250 count of the S65 engine, but usually they are reserved for hypercars that aren’t easily reached.

BMW E92 M3 With Vorsteiner V-FF 103 Wheels Installed

The fact that pricing is going down on these M3s is yet another thing you should keep in mind. For about $30,000 you can find a good M3 to buy and have fun with, while enjoying a true NA V8 symphony. Since this review also finds the car extremely good in terms of handling, it’s hard not to recognize the E92 as what it is right now: a bargain.