Bold and clean, two adjectives that best describe this BMW M4. Yes, some details will piss off purists to unbelievable heights, but overall, if I was ever to modify an M4, this path would be taken. Certainly, a biased opinion and some of you may not agree with it, but please bear with me. The next few lines and a full media showcase of this BMW M4 build by European Auto Source will paint a clear picture.

The build started off as a plain ol’ Sapphire Black BMW M4. Then, the owner took it to European Auto Source for a plentiful of performance and visual modifications. It all started with an Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust System installed. This Akrapovic slip-on exhaust comes as an axle-back, lightweight and amazing sounding performance upgrade. Made of titanium, the Akrapovic exhaust reduces the overall vehicle weight and delivers extra power that’s combined with a sporty sound. The engineers at Akrapovic have tailored this to highlight the lower frequencies and increase the audible enjoyment for both the driver/passengers, but also for the innocent bystanders as well.

Bold And Clean Black Sapphire BMW M4 Build 15 750x469

With this exhaust system, increases in both power and torque add to the sensory experience. This is combined with an improved throttle response, better sound and improved agility. For this exhaust system, the owner went with a set of quad exhaust tips made from carbon fiber. Akrapovic has designed the slip-on exhaust system with bigger pipes than the stock exhaust, yielding lower back pressure and more power, especially at lower RPMs, all this while being lighter than the factory exhaust rear section.

Bold And Clean Black Sapphire BMW M4 Build 8 750x469

Next in line were the interior visual modifications. With the M Performance Alcantara steering wheel installed and the addition of Pedal Haus Extended Billet DCT shifter paddles, the driver’s position is now greatly enhanced in both an ergonomic aspect and looks. For this BMW M4, you will also see a set of Brembo GT brakes, a few visual touches and bold white tire lettering – a must in today’s tuning world it seems.

For a finishing touch, the carbon fiber front lip spoiler, a rear carbon fiber diffuser and a rear decklid spoiler made out of carbon fiber finish off the build perfectly. The Black Sapphire BMW M4 looks bold and clean thanks to these additions, fulfilling the need to stand out entirely. Full media gallery of this build is available below.

Bold And Clean Black Sapphire BMW M4 Build