The BMW M2 will go down in history of BMW as one of the best driving cars. The low starting price and the performance it brings to the table are irresistible for most enthusiasts, which translates into plenty of opportunities for tuning shops.

In terms of sound though, the battle will be fierce. Just the other day, Akrapovic unveiled their M2 exhaust system which might be – to this point – the best sounding aftermarket exhaust. Not even BMW’s own M Performance kit doesn’t seem to be hitting all the right notes compared to Akrapovic’s system. Now, there’s a new challenger coming out from Remus.

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The guys from Remus are well known for their work. Their exhaust systems are some of the best in the world, in terms of both sound and quality. And while the performance improvement is nothing to scoff at – 8.7 extra HP and 11.8 Nm – most customers will be more interested in the way it sounds rather than the gained power it brings. A fair comparison between several M2 exhaust system would involve a similar audio setup and preferably the same location, so it’s hard to choose a winner for now.

Both Remus and Akrapovic systems are made of titanium and both look the part. Alas, while the Remus exhaust costs between €2,724 and €3,276 depending on what tips you choose, the Akrapovic alternative will probably be almost twice as much. Is it worth it? It’s up to you to decide in the end.