Silhouette racing has been going on in the Netherlands for quite some time now. The racing series demands that most of the cars use the same chassis and engines with small variations being allowed for the exterior looks. And while some decided to dress up their chassis as Volvos or Porsches, there are some people out there that fancy the BMW M4 body.

Two of these cars can be seen in the video below, but what  we want to point out to is their engine. Silhouette models usually have their engines mid-mounted. That means the firewall, seats, and chassis have been adapted to fit an engine inside the car, right next to the driver. Usually, Nissan powerplants are being used, but on these particular M4 models a more…. say popular choice was employed.


According to the uploader on Youtube, the cars are using modified S54 engines that came not from E46 M3 models but from E46 M3 CSL versions. The difference is that the CSL version made more power thanks to a few technical upgrades. With an output of 360 HP compared to the standard 343 HP of the regular M3, the CSL engine had a different air intake, new camshafts and exhaust valves as well as a wider exhaust. Of course, this being a race setup, even more changes were done to it and, according to the video description, the cars are good for some 500 HP now.

The best bit about the whole thing though is that silhouette cars are usually extremely light and they all tip the scale around the 1 ton mark or 2,200 lbs. With that much power and downforce on board, these things are flying on the race track, as you’re about to see.