The new M4 GTS is BMW’s jewel today. The road legal racing car was unveiled in 2015 and it’s been quickly sold out around the world. With only 700 units produced globally, the BMW M4 GTS is as rare as it can get. While some markets, like the US, will get 300 units, others will have a very limited amount of M4 GTS cars. The UK is lucky to sell 30 units priced at £121,770, while Netherlands only 4.

The M4 GTS is available in Sapphire Black metallic, Mineral Grey metallic, Alpine White and Frozen Dark Grey Metallic. The M4 GTS sits on the M Star (Style 666M) 19-inch front wheels (9.5 J x 19) and 20-inch (10.5 J x 20) rear wheels, painted in Acid Orange and wrapped in the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires (front: 265/35 R19; rear: 285/30 R20). Unique to the M4 GTS are also the optional M Carbon Compound Wheels, sized 9.5 J x 19 front and 10.5 J x 20 rear, displaying innovative material characteristics bringing a significant reduction in unsprung and rotating masses.

BMW-M4-GTS-Alpine-White-19 BMW-M4-GTS-Alpine-White-4

The engine delivers 500 horsepower for the European model and 493 hp for the U.S. one. From 0 to 60 mph, the M4 GTS needs only 3.7 seconds.

BMW says the M4 GTS is the fastest BMW ever put around the Nurburgring – 7:28 minutes. And while records are meant to be broken, we’re still enjoying every photo of the new, ultra-rare model wherever it shows up. Take for example this M4 GTS in Alpine White which went through an extensive photoshoot put together by two talented ladies at Car Clique Blog.


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